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Puppy Pricing

Puppies For Sale as low as $599.00

Select A Puppy offers a quality puppy to fit every budget. Depending upon breed, age, bloodlines, conformation and coloration, prices start as low as $599.00*. Our puppies are priced individually according to quality, providing a wide range of prices. Our puppies stay with us for a very short period of time before going to their forever homes.

Since we sell our puppies very quickly, we receive new puppies from our large network of breeders on a continuous basis, therefore offering a large selection of puppies to choose from. We accept all major Credit Cards, Cash, Crypto, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Puppy Pricing depends on...

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Payment Options

Prices of puppies start as low as $599.00 and depending on quality can go up from there.

We do not at any time guarantee to have a $599.00 puppy available at all times and/or in all breeds/colors/ages, etc.